Wave Goodbye to Pokies Machines: Embracing the Rise of Online Pokies in Australia

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Are we going to wave goodbye to poker machines in Australia? A number of state governments in Australia has started to limit the manner in which pokies are played. The local state governments of New South Wales and the Northern Territory have already passed respective laws that restrict the use of the machines from 4 am to 10 am and they will be joined by the state of Victoria in implementing the ban. The ban is supplemented with additional measures to limit how citizens play with poker machines such as load-up limits, lowering the cap of each bet from $1000 to $100, and machines that lengthen the time between plays by having reels spin in 3 second intervals. New South Wales is even pushing a measure to move to a cashless gaming card to put a gap in the association between gambling and money.

Society and Pokies

The majority of Australians consider pokies to be a simple and entertaining game, but there is a percentage of the adult population who see it as more than just a means of having fun. This is why certain organizations advocate for the removal of gambling from pubs and clubs, restricting it only to casinos. However, there is a mixed opinion on this. The local government of New South Wales has added 4500 poker machines that utilize the cashless gaming card implemented, and this will hopefully encourage a better means for people to gamble.

The Impact of Pokies

Gambling has ingrained itself into Australians’ daily lives. It has even been integrated into the Aussie culture of mateship, where people are encouraged to gamble with their friends, during social events, and even on mobile devices and the internet where you can play pokies online for real money. Fortunately, with the rise of online alternatives, Aussies who wish to play in communities where poker machines will be lessened can still access online pokies and gamble with real money. These sites are regulated and licensed to ensure a safe gambling experience.

The Australians’ social circles encourage sharing betting wins and near wins but place an emphasis on betting losses so the group can help the person who lost to cope with the loss. We all laugh, yell, cry, and cheer for our favorite sports team and have engaging conversations over the betting odds of our favorite sport events.

Gambling has become a way for friends and loved ones to strengthen their bond by sharing tips on how to win big and encouraging others to play using their preferred method. The promise of a big payout comes with the satisfaction of having achieved it through the advice of your friend.


The rise of websites and platforms that allow us to play pokies online will help in cutting back the time spent in places with pokies machines and allow people to gamble in moderation. It’s undeniable that pokies have become a significant part of the daily lives of your average Australian, permeating various forms of media such as advertising and movies. It is important to communicate to friends and family that gambling should be perceived more as a form of entertainment and a way to pass the time rather than a way to win the jackpot and earn some serious money.

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