What Are Crypto Betting Sites?

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The great success of Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tether, Dogecoin and other digital currencies does not stop at sports betting. Do you want to place your sports bets at non GamStop casinos with Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Tether (USDt) or another cryptocurrency? You can register with the bookmakers without any risk. All crypto and Bitcoin sports betting providers are reputable and safe. In our experience report below we have put together the most important information about crypto bookmakers for you.

What Do You Need to Consider When Choosing a Non GamStop Crypto Bookmaker?

Anyone who decides on a non GamStop sportsbook should look very carefully beforehand. Not all crypto providers are the same. In general, there are two main differences in crypto sports betting.

The classic crypto betting providers bet on online currencies from A to Z. This means you deposit with BTC (Bitcoin) or LTC (Litecoin), for example. The amount will be credited to your player account in the selected cryptocurrency. The sports bets are then also played in BTC, LTC or other crypto money. If you win, the winnings from the sports bet will be credited to your account in exactly the existing currency.

Your advantage is obvious. There are no conversions, so no additional risk for you. For example, if you decide on Bitcoin sports betting, billing will also be done in Bitcoins.

However, the second variant of crypto bookmakers only sees the currencies as a means of deposit. You deposit with Bitcoins, but the amount will be credited to you in fiat currency. Bets are only made in the respective account currency. If you request a payout from the Bitcoin non GamStop sports betting provider, it will be recalculated into your cryptocurrency.

Betting With Cryptocurrencies – Legality & Security

In public opinion, cryptocurrencies are often still viewed with a certain distance. Crypto funds are not tangible as a means of payment and they are repeatedly associated with criminal transactions.

Are crypto non GamStop bookmakers therefore sports betting providers that are outside the law? The answer is a clear no”. Betting with cryptocurrency is legal, or at least not illegal in many countries.

The non GamStop betting providers comply with all security standards (data and player protection). The top 10 crypto providers also belong to national and international betting provider organizations.

It should be noted that cryptocurrencies are becoming more and more established in the normal business world. Even well-known, large banks and financial services companies are now involved in crypto trading. General acceptance brings an additional point of trust when it comes to Bitcoin sports betting and crypto betting security.

There is another plus point for you as a player. Anyone who makes a crypto deposit can do so virtually anonymously. You do not have to provide any sensitive bank or credit card details to your non GamStop bookmaker. Misuse is excluded. However, it is correct to say that anonymity is exhausted at a certain point. Sports bettors who request a payout from their non GamStop bookmaker must of course go through the KYC legitimacy check in order to receive the digital currency. You must prove your identity using your ID card and proof of address. What is not required is proof of ownership of your crypto wallet. The blockchains and the transactions carried out via them are and remain anonymous.

Popular Cryptocurrencies – Bitcoin Betting at Non GamStop Bookmakers

Common talk is not of a crypto betting provider, but of a Bitcoin bookmaker. Of course, the same thing is meant. But the fact is that the statement is actually not absurd in practice, on the contrary. According to official estimates, one in four customers has used a cryptocurrency to deposit with a non GamStop bookmaker. More than two thirds of the transactions were carried out with Bitcoins. Sports betting with Bitcoins is booming.

Number 2 in popularity is Ethereum with over 12 percent . This means that the two most important cryptocurrencies in the world are actually at the top in the sports betting sector. Looking at market capitalization, Bitcoin leads the rankings ahead of Ethereum. Litecoin is also worth mentioning, with a usage volume of a good eight percent. The payment method is significantly cheaper in terms of transactions compared to Bitcoin deposits and Ethereum. New cryptocurrencies and token-based currencies are also constantly being established and used in the betting scene.

Exchange Rate

Anyone who decides to make a cryptocurrency deposit at a non GamStop bookmaker that only accepts payments should always pay attention to the exchange rate, i.e. the exchange rate. How much money in euros or US dollars does a crypto deposit bring? In some circumstances, it may actually be worth postponing your Bitcoin or other digital currency deposit for a day or two. Depending on the Bitcoin price rises or falls.

It is even more important to choose the right time to pay out. Take a close look at the exchange rate development after your deposit. If you have a plus in your betting account, the betting winnings can, in the worst case scenario, be destroyed by the conversion during the payout, so be careful.

Basically, after a crypto sports betting deposit, you will always get your money back in the same currency. You cannot change cryptocurrencies between deposits and withdrawals, and you certainly cannot exchange them for fiat currency. The crypto bookmakers are not exchange portals.


The big advantage of crypto payments is their decentralized nature. There is no payment service provider or bank that earns money from your transfers. This means that crypto money transfers are always free. There are usually no fees for sports betting crypto deposits.

However, based on our experience, some caution is still advised. There are actually one or two bookmakers who add a flat deposit fee to every crypto deposit. You should then of course refrain from making a deposit or registering. There are enough “reputable” online crypto bookmakers with no fees.


In conclusion, it can be stated that crypto betting providers are no longer in their infancy. Non GamStop Bitcoin bookmakers are gaining ever larger market shares and therefore their importance. In our opinion, the trend will even intensify in the coming years.

Registering with a crypto sports betting provider is not only recommended for high rollers , although they benefit the most due to the virtually non-existent limits and the mega-high bonuses. Recreational bettors can also capitalize on the promos, take advantage of high betting odds without tax and access a complete betting program with no gaps.

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