Casino Guru Test: Can You Tell Myths From Truth In Gambling?

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Of course, online gambling is no rocket science. It doesn’t require training or education as some other hobbies do. But the more you play, the more you notice that it does have its nuances. Try to tell if the claims below are myths or facts and see how deep your knowledge of the theme is.

#1 Bigger Bets Mean Bigger Wins


It’s, indeed, a common belief that the more you bet, the more you win. But this would only be true if every bet resulted in a win. For example, you bet 5 dollars in the Book of Fallen. It’s a slot game at casino bwin with a maximum win of X5000. Let’s say you received this maximum win and given your bet, it was 25,000 dollars. But if you bet not 5 but 10 dollars, this win would be 50,000 dollars.

The key point is that this benefit is only relevant to the scenario where your bet wins. In reality, the size of your bet increases both potential wins and losses. For example, you placed 5 bets in a row, 5 dollars each. They all lost so you lost 25 dollars. And then, you placed 5 bets in a row, 10 dollars each. You’d have lost 50 dollars if they all lost.

#2 Slots Are the Simplest of All Casino Games


Before the appearance of crash games, slots were, indeed, touted as the simplest form of gambling. Now, it’s a bit different. If a player wants to enjoy a game with the simplest mechanics possible, they’ll most likely play jetx rather than any slot.

The thing is that while traditional slots are straightforward, they have those features and bonus rounds that require understanding. In other words, there are other layers of gameplay beyond spinning as such. Crash games, in turn, have simplified it even further. They have this single mechanic of betting on an escalating multiplier. The latter crashes at random times. And that’s literally all to know here.

#3 Casinos Can Compensate Some of Your Losses


This may sound like to be good to be true but many casinos do have mechanisms like cashback or loyalty programs that can indeed return some of your losses. In the case of cashback, they literally return part (typically about 5%) of what you’ve lost.

In the case of loyalty programs, it’s less straightforward. You play on a site. You win and lose, and for this activity, they reward you with cool stuff like free spins or cash.

#4 You Can Create Several Accounts to Get Several Welcome Bonuses


Welcome bonuses are usually the biggest rewards of all. So it might seem tempting to try and exploit several welcome offers by creating multiple accounts. But that doesn’t work.

The thing is that casinos have their instruments and measures that detect duplicate accounts. If they find out that you are involved in such practices, they’ll block all associated accounts and, what’s worse, confiscate your winnings.

#5 You Can Get Payouts Faster with Crypto


Cryptocurrency transactions tend to be faster than those processed through traditional banking methods. As a rule, you can expect to receive your crypto payout either instantly or within an hour. By contrast, credit card payouts can take up to a couple of days.

The reason for this huge difference in speed is that crypto transactions bypass traditional banking procedures. Another advantage is that they are often free.

#6 Slots Pay Out More Often at Night


Because slots are a purely chance-based game, there are usually many legends and myths around them. For example, some players believe that slots have higher payout rates at night.

Unfortunately (or fortunately?), it all has nothing to do with when you are playing a game. Legitimate casinos all use RNGs (or the provably fair algorithm) for slots and other games. These mechanisms guarantee that each outcome is random. That is, a slot can pay out three times in a row and then, avoid paying for a thousand spins, for instance. In other words, night-time luck is purely anecdotal and its mere idea contradicts how the games technically operate.


Hopefully, you were able to distinguish all myths from reality. And if not, you’ve certainly learned something new, which is equally good.

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