The Most Famous Australian Gamblers of All Time

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Australian gambling is a popular pastime with a long history. From the earliest days of the gold rush to the thriving modern casino industry, Australians have enjoyed the thrill of taking a chance. While there have been many notable players from Down Under, some have stood out from the crowd.

This article looks at the most famous Australian gamblers of all time, the people who made their mark on the industry and the stories they left behind. From legendary card sharks to renowned high rollers, these are the most well-known gamblers from Australia.

The Top 10 Most Influential Australian Gamblers of All Time

  • George Julius: George Julius is widely considered to be Australia’s most influential gambler of all time. A prolific inventor and engineer, Julius is best known for his invention of the first automatic totalisator. Julius also founded the Automatic Totalisator Limited company which operated the first legalised betting system in Australia and is still used today in many Australian horse racing venues.
  • Kerry Packer: Kerry Packer was a successful Australian media mogul who was also an avid gambler. He is best remembered for his high stakes baccarat games which saw him win and lose millions of dollars in a single night. Packer’s influence in gambling extended to his ownership of the Crown Casino in Melbourne, Australia.
  • Alan Tripp: Alan Tripp was an Australian entrepreneur and professional gambler who was known for his high-stakes poker playing. He won several major tournaments throughout his career, and his influence on the gambling industry in Australia is still felt today.
  • Stanley Ho: Stanley Ho was a Hong Kong-based billionaire who owned multiple casinos in Macau, including the world-famous Casino Lisboa. His influence in the Australian gambling industry extended to opening the first legal casino in Sydney in
  • Nicky Gambier: Nicky Gambier was an Australian professional gambler who was well-known for his high-stakes poker playing. He is most remembered for winning the inaugural World Series of Poker event in 1978 and for his involvement in the development of the first online poker room in Australia.
  • Bill Waterhouse: Bill Waterhouse was a prominent bookmaker in Australia who was known for his willingness to take large bets. He was a driving force behind the development of the Totalisator Agency Boards (TABs) which are still in use today.
  • John Eales: John Eales was an Australian businessman who founded the Sportsbet betting agency. He is credited with revolutionising the online betting industry in Australia, and his influence on the industry is still felt today.
  • John Robertson: John Robertson was the founder of the Centrebet betting agency which was one of the first online bookmakers in Australia. His influence on the industry helped pave the way for the modern online betting industry in Australia.
  • Peter Costello: Peter Costello was a former Australian politician who helped to liberalise the gambling industry in Australia. His influence on the industry is still felt today, particularly in the areas of taxation and regulation.
  • Joe Hachem: Joe Hachem was an Australian professional poker player who won the 2005 World Series of Poker Main Event. He is credited with popularising the game of poker in Australia, and he continues to be an influential figure in the Australian gambling industry.

Exploring the Stories Behind the Most Famous Australian Gamblers

Australia has a long and fascinating history of gambling. From the earliest days of the country, Australians have enjoyed the thrill and excitement of betting on a variety of games and events.

This love affair with gambling has spawned some of the most famous gamblers in the world. These gamblers have achieved celebrity status and have become icons of the gambling world.

The most famous of these gamblers is undoubtedly Kerry Packer. Packer was born in 1937 and was the son of Australian media mogul Sir Frank Packer. His father encouraged him to hone his gambling skills, and his skill at the tables soon earned him a reputation as one of the best gamblers in the world. He was known for his high-stakes gambling and was often seen at casinos in Las Vegas and Monte Carlo. He was also famous for his ability to walk away from the tables with huge winnings.

Another famous Australian gambler is the legendary George Devol. Devol was born in 1829 and was a professional gambler from an early age. He is credited with inventing the modern version of the card game “poker”. He was an expert at the game and was known for his ability to read his opponents’ hands accurately. He is also credited with inventing the bluffing technique which is still used in poker today. Devol was also well known for his love of horse racing and was a frequent visitor to race tracks around the world.

The most famous female gambler in Australia is probably the “Queen of the Turf”, Gai Waterhouse. Waterhouse was born in 1952 and grew up in the racing industry. She made her first bet at the age of eleven and is now one of the most successful punters in Australian racing history. She is famous for her ability to read the form and pick winning horses. She has won the Melbourne Cup twice and is also known for her colourful and flamboyant style.

These are just a few of the most famous Australian gamblers. They are all legends in their own right and have made a huge contribution to the gambling world. They have inspired many others to take up gambling and have helped create an industry that continues to thrive today.

How the Richest Australian Gamblers Got to Where They Are Today

The history of Australia’s richest gamblers is a fascinating one. From humble beginnings to becoming some of the wealthiest people in the country, these high rollers have risen to the top by mastering the art of gambling.

John Singleton is one of the most successful and well-known Australian gamblers. He started out as an apprentice jockey in the 1960s, and after achieving success in the racing industry, he turned his attention to gambling. He has since become a renowned gambler, making millions of dollars over the years from placing high bets on horse races, sports, and other gambling activities.

Another of Australia’s most successful gamblers is the late Kerry Packer. He was the son of a wealthy media mogul and began playing poker with his friends in the early 1970s. He quickly developed a reputation as an aggressive gambler, and this led to him becoming one of the wealthiest people in the country. He was even known to take large risks in the casino, often betting hundreds of thousands of dollars on a single hand of poker.

Although gambling can be a risky activity, it can also be incredibly rewarding. This is certainly true of the late Alan Bond, who made a fortune from gambling. He began his career as an accountant but developed a penchant for investing in the stock market. After making a huge return on his investments, he turned his attention to gambling. He became a master of the game, often winning millions of dollars at a time.

Finally, there is the story of James Packer, the son of Kerry. He began his gambling career by playing poker with friends in the late 1990s, and he quickly developed a reputation as a master of the game. He was known for his daring bets and for his ability to take risks and come out on top. He later diversified his investments, and his success in the gambling industry has made him one of the wealthiest people in Australia.

The stories of these four individuals show how gambling can be both rewarding and risky. It takes a great deal of skill, knowledge, and experience to become a successful gambler, but if done correctly, it can lead to tremendous rewards. These four individuals have all become incredibly wealthy as a result of their investments in the gambling industry, and their success is an inspiration to those who are interested in making a living from gambling.

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