Why Do Casinos Have Welcome Bonuses?

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Playing online casino games is already exciting enough. The thrill of making a wager not knowing whether it will win or not is something that keeps casino games so exciting. Casinos offer customers, especially first-time ones, different perks for making their first-time deposit.

A casino will offer a welcome bonus for various reasons. One of the main reasons is to have new customers sign up for the platform and potentially bring more revenue to the company. So what is a welcome bonus? What are other reasons that casinos offer them? Let’s find out!

What Is A Welcome Bonus?

A welcome bonus is a perk for new casino customers to receive some type of benefit for signing up for the platform.

A popular type of welcome bonus is a deposit match. Say that a casino welcome bonus matches a person’s first time deposit of up to $1,000. If that person deposits the maximum of $1,000, then that means that they will have $2,000 after the casino deposits the welcome bonus into their account.

Hence, the first time customer now has access to $2,000 to bet on any games on the platform such as Blackjack, slots, baccarat, and more.

Other types of welcome bonuses include free spins for slots or another perk to enjoy a specific game on the platform. In order to receive the welcome bonus, you may have to do a first-time deposit for a deposit match or play a game a specific number of times. Read the requirements of the welcome bonus on the casino platform to find out more information.

To Have New Customers Sign Up for the Betting Platform

The key reason that casinos offer welcome bonuses is to attract customers who have not made a wager before. Of course, a casino’s reason for being in business is to have customers make as many wagers as possible for company profit.

You can log on to Christchurch online casino to check out and see if they have any welcome bonuses for first-time bettors. Casinos may not run welcome bonuses all the time, but it’s better to sign up and make a first-time deposit when the welcome bonuses are available to redeem.

Casinos May Get Most Of the Bonus Back Via Bets And Some

New customers may feel that because they have a larger bankroll because of the welcome bonus that they can make larger wagers with the possibility of a bigger return if they score a win.

Because of the volatility of casino games and the very low chance of winning a bet on certain games, casinos do not mind giving welcome bonuses to new customers. This is because more than likely, most if not all of the bonus will be given back to the company and the form of the new customer making wagers that may not pan out to a win.

What Perks Are for Returning Customers?

Unfortunately, bettors who have already signed up with a casino platform cannot capitalize on a welcome bonus since they already did their first time deposit. However, there are different perks for returning customers that casinos offer.

Returning bettors may enjoy other ways to capitalize on betting such as:

  • Free spins on slots during game play where you hit bonus rounds.
  • Perks from signing up for a casino rewards program, if applicable. During promotions, you may get cash back for a casino deposit or get free spins on slots.


If you have never played on an online casino before, now this may be your chance to try. Remember to thoroughly read the welcome bonus requirements so that you can redeem it appropriately. Also remember to wager responsibly and have fun!

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